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Bitfusion Flex is world’s first AI infrastructure management platform that enables DevOps-free deep learning development, training and deployment. Our underlying compute virtualization technology enables elastic GPU attach and fractional GPU allocation for efficient TCO.

Dynamic GPU attach anywhere

Disaggregate your GPU compute and dynamically attach GPUs anywhere in the datacenter just like attaching storage.

Fractional GPUs for Efficiency

Enables use of any arbitrary fractions of GPUs. Support more users in test and development phase.

Smart Resource Management

Intelligent scheduling and elastic resource allocation, smart scaling, user management and ongoing monitoring.

Optimized Batch

Kick off long running jobs that run in background, anytime. Maximize utilization with parallel runs that share resources.

Scalable Deployment

Automated deployment for inference. Expose and manage endpoints easily. Autoscale your deployments on demand.

Cloud Independent

Deploy on-premise or in the public cloud. Supports hybrid cloud. Get AWS-like services for your datacenter.

Deep Learning with Bitfusion Flex

Develop, train and deploy deep learning without infrastructure and automation complexities.

Develop AI Applications


Bring your own development containers or workspaces and get started right on your laptop. Start with CPUs and attach GPUs on demand.

Train AI Applications Effeciently


Transition from development to training on the fly. Work with larger models and train many models in parallel, quickly and cost effectively.

Deploy your AI models


Simplify the publishing of trained models for inference. Continuous integration and deployment for deep learning. Scale up and down as needed.

The missing infrastructure management software for AI

Any Application

Integrate with any upstream or downstream tools. Applicable to any industry.

Any Software Stack

Manage and automate workflows across any AI stack.

Any Environment

Deploy on-premise or in any public cloud.

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Bitfusion Core Virtualization Technology

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Bitfusion Core enables optimized AI development with next generation compute virtualization.

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Bitfusion wins the 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

We are extremely excited to announce that Bitfusion was awarded the TechConnect Defense Innovation Award at this year’s Defense Innovation Summit (DITAC), Tampa, Florida.

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Free White Paper: A Deep Dive into Bitfusion Flex

Learn more about Bitfusion Flex and how it can help your organization innovate using the best-in-class tools for deep learning and AI applications.

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