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Bitfusion Flex, powered by the company’s core virtualization engine, accelerates deep learning workflows throughout the AI application lifecycle including development, training, and inference deployment, making the delivery of AI applications faster and more economical.


Zero software and infrastructure setup, as well as parallel training make development timelines shorter and production deployments lightning fast.


GPU virtualization, shared compute, and just-in-time smart resourcing increases utilization and flexibility without penalizing performance.


Deploy on any data center or cloud and handle hundreds of concurrent workloads and users. Start small and scale up and down as needed.

Deep Learning with Bitfusion Flex

Develop, train and deploy deep learning without infrastructure and automation complexities.

Develop AI Applications


Instantly access container workspaces with pre-installed tools and frameworks. Start with CPUs and attach elastic GPUs on demand.

Train AI Applications Effeciently


Transition from development to training on the fly. Work with larger models and train many models in parallel, quickly and cost effectively.

Deploy your AI models


Simplify the publishing of trained models for inference. Continuous integration and deployment for deep learning. Scale up and down as needed.

Bitfusion optimizes AI infrastructure for any application in any environment

Any Application

Develop AI-enabled applications for any industry — quickly and efficiently.

Any Software Stack

Manage and automate workflows across any AI stack with pre-configured software and drivers.

Any Environment

Deploy in any data center or cloud, or use Bitfusion’s managed hosted service.

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Free White Paper: A Deep Dive into Bitfusion Flex

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