VMware Acquires Bitfusion

Virtual remote attached GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs for Any AI Application

Instant Infrastructure. Any Environment. Any Cloud, any Hardware, any GPU, FPGA or ASIC.

Any Application

Use your favorite GPU or FPGA accelerated applications and machine learning frameworks.

Any Management Platform

VMware Bitfusion FlexDirect integrates seamlessly with any cluster or management platform.

Any Environment

VMware Bitfusion operates in any public, private cloud or hardware.

2X Performance Boost and 2-4X Cost Reduction for Your AI Training and Inference Deployment

  Dynamic GPU attach anywhere

Disaggregate your GPU compute and dynamically attach GPUs anywhere in the datacenter just like attaching storage.

  Fractional GPUs for Efficiency

Enables use of any arbitrary fractions of GPUs. Support more users in test and development phase.

  Standard based GPU and FPGA

VMware Bitfusion supports OpenCL and CUDA frameworks and demonstrated virtualization and remote attach for all hardware.

  Application Run Time Virtualization

GPUs are attached based on CUDA calls at run-time, maximizing utilization of GPU servers anywhere in the network.

  Any Application

VMware Bitfusion is a transparent layer and runs with any workload, framework, container or hypervisor.

  Cloud Independent

Deploy on-premise or in the public cloud. Supports hybrid cloud. Get AWS-like services for your datacenter.

Technology Partners

Dell EMCAmazon Web ServicesIBMXilinxVMware Partner - Technology AllianceNvidiaNimbixIntelSkyScaleMellanox Technologies Samsung SDS