In 2018, I am excited to share with you my plans for the year ahead. The employees, investors, advisors, partners and customers have supported the growth of the company since it’s founding, and I m very grateful for that. When I started this entrepreneurial journey three years ago to go after a big opportunity, heterogeneous hardware like GPUs, FPGAs for general purpose compute were just on the horizon and we set out on a mission to build the Operating System for the modern heterogeneous compute datacenter. We are now the world’s first infrastructure management platform to support CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs, with AI as a beachhead. The team at Bitfusion has helped form a strong foundation for the company. We hope to accelerate and lead the transformation to elastic heterogeneous infrastructure deployment in the year ahead.

As we move to the next phase in the company’s progression, in order to continue expanding our leadership team to support that growth, I am excited to share that we are bringing in Michael Zimmerman as the new CEO who will take Bitfusion to the next level. Michael is a seasoned executive and brings a wealth of knowledge and Semiconductor, OEM, ODM and data center industry experience. Michael comes from Marvell and prior to that he was an executive at Annapurna Labs (acquired by AWS) and Tilera (acquired by EZChips-Mellanox). We’re looking forward to working together to build on Bitfusion’s momentum as world leader in elastic infrastructure management for heterogenous processors and AI in 2018.

After leading the company since its founding to many successful milestones, I will assume the role of Company Chairman and Chief Product Officer, focusing on product, connecting with key customers as well as partners and setting the vision.

Thank you again for your support in helping me build a strong foundation. 2018 is going to be a big year!