By Michael Zimmerman, CEO & Mazhar Memon, Founder/CTO

We are proud and excited to announce that Bitfusion has entered into an agreement to be acquired by, and join forces with VMware, to continue to make accelerated computing elastic, flexible and accessible. Read VMware’s announcement here.

Over the past five years, our incredible team has succeeded in delivering on the promise to disaggregate AI infrastructure by connecting ML users on any device, in any cloud across the network to full or partial ML/AI accelerators. Our stage was set through great engagement with our partners and customers to start scaling the company across the board.

In getting to know the teams at VMware, with whom we’ve had an incredibly productive technical, marketing and sales relationship over the years, it became very clear that we align extremely well with VMware’s “Any Cloud, Any App, Any Device” vision. In essence, Bitfusion offers for AI hardware acceleration what VMware has offered to compute, storage and networking for many years. We are thrilled that VMware recognizes Bitfusion as a pioneer in virtualization of accelerated compute with a strong focus on GPU technology.

Upon close, the acquisition of Bitfusion will help to bolster VMware’s strategy of supporting AI- and ML-based workloads through interposing, distributed virtualization and bringing many benefits of virtualized ML/AI infrastructure, regardless of location in the environment – on-premises and/or in the cloud.

Upon completion of the deal, VMware expects to integrate Bitfusion Flex Direct into the VMware vSphere platform to deliver a multi-cloud model to the accelerated data center as well as bridge the gap between the traditional CPU-only and Accelerated Computing infrastructures. More technical details will follow after the deal closes later this year.

We wish to thank our dedicated customers who have made this journey alongside us supporting the Bitfusion vision, executing projects for modernizing their ML infrastructure. Through our customers, the mission has gained increased clarity and is evolving the industry, much like storage 30 years ago, compute 20 years ago, and networking relatively recently. The evolution from the monolithic and physical world to virtualized, disaggregated compute is clear. The ML/AI ecosystem is embarking on this transition with Bitfusion.

Bitfusion has become what it is today thanks to the hard work of an incredibly dedicated team that has delivered through extreme pace of innovation. We are immensely proud of our team and cannot think of a better way to continue to contribute to the mission and grow their deep virtualization and systems expertise than as part of the deep talent pool at VMware.

We also want to take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to our friends, family, partners and investors who believed in us from the beginning. We were fortunate to have an incredible group of investors and advisors who have supported us along the way, but want to especially thank Moe Kermani from Vanedge, Marc Fernandes from Sierra Ventures, original founders Subbu Rama and Maciej Bajkowski and many other advisors, supporters and customers.

We are immensely excited to join forces with the team at VMware that shares the Bitfusion Flex Direct mission and that has delivered scores of transformative technology over the decades.

We are looking forward to talking more following deal close!