Elastic AI at the Edge

Edge computing is a well understood industry migration path. The need to push compute, storage and (obviously) networking to the edge is driven by IoT devices requiring better response time... Read More »

Elastic P100 GPUs with 40GbE

We are pleased to add to our prior announcements a new set of compelling benchmarks for Bitfusion’s production-grade Elastic AI Platform. We ran several ML benchmarks with SkyScale Cloud... Read More »

AI/ML Attached Network

Programmable, pooled data center infrastructure has shaped new platforms development over the last few years. Unpredictable resource consumption, with the need to provision compute, storage... Read More »

Bitfusion in 2018

In 2018, I am excited to share with you my plans for the year ahead. The employees, investors, advisors, partners and customers have supported the growth of the company since it’s... Read More »

The Influences of AI in Marketing

I recently read an article from the Huffington Post titled: “Prospecting vs Retargeting: Making the Most of the Marketing Mix”. This article sparked this blog post because as a consumer I... Read More »

Robert Noakes