The Influences of AI in Marketing

I recently read an article from the Huffington Post titled: “Prospecting vs Retargeting: Making the Most of the Marketing Mix”. This article sparked this blog post because as a consumer I... Read More »

Intro to TensorBoard

Now that we’re constantly validating the data and saving our model, we can start thinking of ways to visualize the ins and outs of our model or ways to do exploratory data analysis of our... Read More »

Monitoring and Checkpointing in TensorFlow

In our last post we gave a basic introduction to TensorFlow 1.0. What we want to do now is take our foundation and move it forward. One of the most important parts of deep learning is... Read More »

Intro to TensorFlow

In a series of blog posts, we want to show a step-by-step guide on how to get from a basic TensorFlow model to best-in-class architectures. Deep learning is a hot topic and it’s easy to find... Read More »

New: Bitfusion MXNet AMI Now Available

We’re excited to announce the newest AMI in our lineup: Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 MXNet AMI, now available in the AWS Marketplace. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has recently announced that MXNet is the... Read More »

Robert Noakes