Powering the Heterogeneous Data Center

The future is a heterogeneous data center with different types of co-processors, and Bitfusion is the operating system for such a datacenter. Using deep learning as our first usecase, Bitfusion is enabling data scientists and developers to jumpstart innovation as well as significantly accelerating time to market for AI.

CEO, Subbu Rama

About Bitfusion

Bitfusion was founded with a vision to make at-scale heterogeneous computing accessible to any organization and build the operating system for the next generation computing. The company’s products allow AI developers to cluster, share, scale and manage compute resources to reduce the costs and complexity associated with the AI application lifecycle. Bitfusion has offices in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas. 

Ready to start innovating?

Leadership Team

Subbu Rama

Subbu likes building things. He has held engineering + leadership roles in hardware and software divisions, building CPUs, GPU micro-servers, SoCs and cloud infrastructures, at companies like Intel and Dell.

Mazhar Memon

Mazhar has served in technical leadership and architecture roles at Intel, and amassed extensive experience in networking architectures, software performance optimization and large-scale HPC systems.

Maciej Bajkowski

Maciej is a proven innovator with extensive experience in the design of high-speed components, memory systems and storage solutions for companies like Intel, Samsung, Freescale and Dell.