The Team

Making AI Infrastructure Management Simple.

Subbu Rama

Subbu likes building things. He has a computer engineering degree from University of Wisconsin Madison, and has held engineering + leadership roles in hardware and software divisions, building CPUs, GPU micro-servers, SoCs and cloud infrastructures, at companies like Intel and Dell.

Mazhar Memon

Mazhar has served in technical leadership and architecture roles at Intel, and amassed extensive experience in networking architectures, software performance optimization and large-scale HPC systems.

Maciej Bajkowski

Maciej is a proven innovator with extensive engineering experience in the design of high-speed components, memory systems and storage solutions for leading companies in the computing field, including Intel, Samsung, Freescale and Dell.

Monica Evans

With over 5 years experience in Marketing, specifically in the tech space, Monica has a proven track record of successful campaigns from content creation to design to events - she does it all. She continuously thinks outside-the-box which adds that flare of creativity to the tech space.

Zheng Li

Prior to joining, Zheng worked at NVIDIA as a back-end compiler engineer. Zheng earned his BE from Tsinghua University in 2006, a Masters degree from University of Pennsylvania in 2009 and a Masters degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 2011.

Rudy Pena

Rudy has been a full stack engineer for close to a decade now. He has built out cloud infrastructure architectures with Ruby, Python, and .Net. Previously, he worked at IBM and Dell Innovation Labs. Hobbies include live music, trivia, and playing sports.

Brian Schultz

Brian is a full stack engineer. He furiously types away on his excessively loud Filco keyboard, while exclaiming the joys of Vim and adding as many bugs to the code as possible. He hails from North Carolina and suffers from a lack of NC sweet tea and pork BBQ.

Xiaoyu 'Kevin' Hu

A Software Engineer passionate on topics of Compilers, Computer Systems, Performance and Parallel Computing.

Sono Chibber

Sono has extensive knowledge in system administration, network engineering and cloud infrastructure and has kickstarted a number of startups and projects for larger companies. At EA/BioWare he architected and built the datacenter network infrastructure for a world-class MMO. Most recently while at BattleCry Studios, he built out the backend infrastructure for ID Software’s latest iteration of Doom.

Jeremy Patton

Jeremy has over two decades of experience in web, cloud, container technologies and distributed systems. Prior to Bitfusion, he used to lead engineering at Dell Innovation labs and helped build Dell’s first Cloud Marketplace and Brokerage.

Miha Cancula

Miha is a theoretical physicist with a strong background in mathematics, computer science and programming. He has experience with multiple languages, and likes to work on C++, OpenCL and CUDA for high performance computing. He was a three-time Google Summer of Code participant, as well as an IMO and IphO medalist.

Peter Whitesell

Peter is a full stack engineer, whose interest are in microservice architectures and using cutting edge tools to build beautiful and intuitive UIs. Other hobbies include various crafts, ceramics sculpture and building racing drones.

Advisory Board

Rishi Bhargava

Rishi Bhargava is Co-founder and VP, Marketing for Demisto, a cyber security startup with the mission to make security operations “faster, leaner and smarter”. Prior to founding Demisto, Rishi was Vice President and General Manager of the Software Defined Datacenter Group at Intel Security. A visionary and technology enthusiast, he was responsible for delivering Intel integrated Security Solutions for datacenters.

Will Conway

Spanning more than a decade Will has made a career of successfully taking emerging technologies to market, first with Rackspace’s public cloud, next with their private cloud offering via OpenStack, and most recently as the General Manager and full PnL holder of Mailgun, a SaaS based email delivery client.

Jim Curtin

Jim Curtin is a serial entrepreneur focusing primarily on security, enterprise infrastructure and data-intensive computing. Jim has been steeped in all facets of start-up development and growth from concept, to fund-raising, to validation and expansion, all the way to exit. Jim is a graduate of Harvard University, lives in Austin TX and is the proud father of three wonderful children.

John E. Derrick

Public and private company executive with three acquisitions as CEO, four additional acquisitions after advising / serving as interim CEO, and multiple turn-around / growth public company roles. Passions include strategy, positioning, and execution. Products have included servers, processors, and software from big iron to pervasive IoT devices. Formerly employed by Texas Instruments, IBM, Chicory Systems (CEO) / Parthus Technologies, Conformative Systems (CEO/CSO) / Intel, MIPS Technologies, Jelastic, Tonomi, and others.

Pat Matthews

Pat is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and current CEO of Filestack, a file infrastructure company. In 1999, Pat dropped out of Virginia Tech to start a dot-com with some of his best friends and college roommates. After the dot-com bubble burst, Pat and his team persevered and creating, a multi-million dollar software company which was acquired by Rackspace in 2007. At Rackspace Pat worked as SVP for Cloud Computing and later SVP for Corporate Development. Over the last six years, Pat has invested in more than 100 startups and five venture capital funds.

Jai Menon

Jai is the former Chief Research Officer at Dell, CTO of Dell Enterprise Group, and CTO and VP of Technical Strategy for Systems and Technologies Group (STG) at IBM. As an IBM Fellow, Jai was one of the early pioneers who helped create a technology called RAID. He holds 53 patents, published 78 papers and reports, and is a contributing author to three books on database and storage systems. Both at Dell and IBM, he was responsible for new business initiatives, external alliances with industry partners, VCs and universities.

Jen Millard

Jen over 25 years of P&L and revenue growth experience in fintech, retail, and venture capital led companies. Most recently Jen co-founded Truaxis, heading all its sales and marketing efforts as the Chief Revenue Officer leading the company to a successful exit in 2012 by selling it to MasterCard in 2012.

Karu Sankaralingam

Karu Sankaralingam is an associate professor at the computer sciences department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also leads the Vertical Research Group. His research interests include open source hardware, architecture, and compilers. His work has been covered by the New York Times, Wired, IEEE Spectrum, and technical blogs. He is a recipient of the IEEE TCCA Young Computer Architecture Award in 2012, an NSF CAREER award in 2009, the Emil H Steiger Distinguished Teaching award in 2014, and the Letters and Science Philip R. Certain – Gary Sandefur Distinguished Faculty Award in 2013.

Mike Troy

Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a background in technology focused on entertainment companies and the government sector. He specializes in identifying technologies/opportunities, evaluating their market potential and then assembling teams and financing to pursue them. He is also a partner at the Geekdom fund.