Bitfusion and SaltStack Deliver Seamless Utilization of GPU Resources in Data Centers and Clouds for High Performance Computing Workloads

April 21, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY – APRIL 21, 2016 – Bitfusion, the developer of software-defined supercomputing technology for automatic resource pooling for heterogeneous accelerators, is announcing integration of Bitfusion Boost™ with SaltStack. This combination will enable rapid provisioning of on-demand, high-performance GPU clusters to expedite compute resource management for applications requiring advanced, high-performance GPU processing power and memory spaces.

The integration of Bitfusion Boost and SaltStack orchestration and automation software will accelerate workflows for business analysts, data scientists and researchers that rely on compute-intensive applications for Deep Learning, Modeling, Rendering and Simulation—across all industries.

Bitfusion Boost™ software technology aggregates compute resources, across any number of discrete GPU hardware servers and presents a software defined supercomputer, with multiple GPUs and large memory resources, to an application workload—all without any code changes. SaltStack software offers industry-leading resource management, provisioning, deployment and job scheduling software used by enterprise IT professionals globally.

Resource management for job scheduling and batch processing is a very linear process and is highly dependent upon available computing resources. The combination of Bitfusion Boost with SaltStack orchestration decouples the interdependence between scheduled applications and available compute resources. The combined software technologies will dramatically accelerate time-to-productivity for applications such as Deep Learning and other compute / memory intensive workloads.

At an operational level, SaltStack coupled with Bitfusion Boost intelligently, and dynamically, configures and deploys Bitfusion software-defined compute configurations to support any scheduled job of any size. This provides a new capability for IT professionals to leverage any GPU server as a building block to formulate a larger machine with an unlimited number of virtualized GPUs and Memory spaces.

Additionally, SaltStack intelligent automation and job scheduling coupled with Bitfusion Boost may be leveraged to control Docker containers and enable high-performance, workload-specific instances to be provisioned across multiple computing nodes resulting in transformative performance improvements for compute-intensive applications.

IT budgets benefit from compute ROI in conjunction with faster processing for scheduled workloads to dramatically change the economics for data centers with advanced, high-performance computing requirements.

Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO, said, “Scale and complexity are inherent to today’s high-performance computing environments. SaltStack was built to provide orchestration and automation for these modern data centers. From big metal to distributed Docker containers, SaltStack and Bitfusion provide modern data center orchestration to power the compute-intensive business. We are happy to see our vision and capability validated by Bitfusion and we are thrilled to power the Bitfusion software-defined supercomputing platform.”

“Advances in science, engineering and technology require today’s companies to adopt different approaches to differentiate themselves. Bitfusion’s Software Defined Supercomputing enables companies to make exponential leaps in their research, development and production,” said Subbu Rama, co-founder and CEO of Bitfusion.

“Many companies require faster speeds and better performance to differentiate themselves from competition and really flourish in today’s technology-driven economy”, said Subbu Rama, co-founder and CEO of Bitfusion. “Until now, these companies have been limited by the physical nature of the systems they purchased. A two GPU system in their data-center was just that – a two GPU system – and if your workload required a GPU system then that was your only choice. But what if you workload could pool GPU resources across multiple systems? At Bitfusion, our mission is to enable ubiquitous access to high-performance hardware and we are glad to work with a company such as SaltStack which specializes in data center orchestration to make this happen.”

Bitfusion will showcase the combined solution at SaltConf16, the SaltStack annual user conference, in Salt Lake City, April 20-21. On Thursday, April 21 attend the SaltConf16 breakout session titled, “Seamless Docker Orchestration with SaltStack,” by Joel Crisp, Bitfusion Director of Cloud Technologies, and Maciej Bajkowski, Bitfusion Co-founder and COO.

Learn how Bitfusion utilizes SaltStack for seamless integration of Docker hosts and containers into Bitfusion services. This session will provide demos and a walk through of the deployment process used to establish a complete Docker ecosystem under SaltStack control. Bitfusion will discuss how SaltStack provides the backbone orchestration engine that enables the Bitfusion Boost technology to create virtual GPU clusters that provide maximum performance and data center utilization.

About SaltStack:
SaltStack systems management software delivers scalable automation for complex, enterprise IT environments including any application stack or data center infrastructure. SaltStack is used by system administrators and developers to intelligently automate enterprise IT operations including system security configuration and DevOps functions.

SaltStack won the Best of VMworld Gold Award for virtualization management, won an InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year Award, won the 2013 GigaOm Structure LaunchPad competition, was named a Linux Journal Reader’s Choice product in five categories, and was named a Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor in DevOps. For more information, please visit

About Bitfusion:
Bitfusion is a developer of advanced optimization technologies for the world’s most compute-intensive applications. Bitfusion delivers unprecedented speed and automatic acceleration on any infrastructure. Our mission is to bring supercomputing to enterprises, institutions and agencies of any size—large, medium or small.

Bitfusion’s Boost optimizes computing resources across heterogeneous hardware in data centers and cloud to yield maximum performance and maximum utilization.

Bitfusion is headquartered in Austin, Texas., with offices in San Francisco, California. Learn more at

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