FlexDirect Manager – Your Elastic AI Infrastructure Manager

You have made a major upgrade deploying FlexDirect – the Elastic AI software that transforms your ML infrastructure into virtualized, shared and composable accelerated compute. VMware bitfusion is shipping FlexDirect Manager with FlexDirect virtualization software allowing you, the ML infrastructure manager, to gain insights, to monitor and to enforce users’ policies, consumption behaviors and optimized utilization. FlexDirect Manager tools include the ability to:

  1. Monitor health and availability of all GPU servers in your network
  2. Monitor utilization and efficiency of all GPU servers in your network
  3. View and monitor clients’ consumption of GPUs
  4. Assign GPU quotas for each client (user policies)
  5. Evict low-priority clients and increase GPU availability for high priority workloads
  6. Set up cluster metrics and behavior
  7. Use open APIs to integrate to orchestration systems